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Acróstico de un nombre irrelevante

Great, now it’s time to write.
Erase then, ‘cause there’s nothing good on it
Read again, maybe there’s something of worth
Abysmal is the space, between worth and my attempt.
Random, just random literature
Do I even know what I do, what this is?
Oh, humbug! Just stop, and try again

Francly, It’s easy to write rubish
Reasoning out of what is rational.
Advancing through the tide of mediocrity,
Not a single logic thought
Crosses by my brain.
I insist on trivial things
Surrendering to stupidity.
Confusing is the way of this empty poem
Oriented towards poetry.

Cataracts of Words fall in my pen.
However, I don’t know what to write.
Averting my sadness and intentions,
Vague sentences come alive.
—Enunciate! —I scream, demanding myself beauty.
Zeal on my pen, I’m useless today.

Hypocritically stealing words I listen to,
Useful rubish it is.
“Routine” all words sound like.
Tragically, this takes me to misery.
Abusively, the words repeat,
Dictating the same wordiness.
Open the door, I want to get out.

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